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Living Green, Eating Clean: and Having it All
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Dany & ChandraWe are Chandra and Dany and we are Independent Distributors for Shaklee, the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the US.   These are some of the finest health and wellness products you can buy and we've been setting the industry standard since 1956.  

I can't believe Dany and I recently celebrated our 8 year anniversary!  And our son, Nicholas is SIX!  We are having so much fun with our crazy busy lives these days -thank goodness for the Shaklee supplements otherwise I'd be a zombie {or crazy woman} by 5 everyday!   Nicholas gets into the action now too sharing some of our shakes, asking for Basic H2 to clean, even swallowing some of our vitamins, like the Optiflora ball & nutriferon!  But, Meal Shakes, Mighty Smarts (aka "chews") and Incredivites (aka "Zowies") continue to make our little monkey smart and strong - he's a true Shaklee Kid through and through!  Our corporate lives are still as crazy as ever, but our love of Shaklee is as strong as ever.  You'll find us sharing the healthy benefits of clean eating and sensible supplementation a lot these days.  Our passion for making a difference and giving back is still a top priority and we hope to instill this value in our son, who goes around looking for toys to give away to other kids.   

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